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i`m not a bot

no, i`m not


Naomi Scott - She's So Gone

Ross Lynch - Double Take

SHINee ~ Bodyguard ~

보디가드 (Bodyguard)

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Smash Mouth - All Star


Usually I only watch "KawaiiTV" on sundays....  but lately it hasn't been enough for me...
and while I was looking for 'Meikyuu Love Song's PV I found the TGC Spring/Summer
that was aired on March. *O*
Actually I didn't know the TGCs were aired on national tv in Japan, but I'm glad they did.

By the way, TGC stands for Tokyo Girls Collection, is a Fashion Show were you can see many brands [that were popular during the year] collections.

This is a preview from the Xmas show:

Because I could only find the TGC S/S , I decided to search in the Almighty-Youtube! and there was this site "girlsTV"
There are not ALL the brands shows, but most of them. ^^ I don't consider myself as a fashionista but I like to know about the trends even if I refuse to follow them~!LOL

[March 11th] JYJ concert in Peru

It's been more than a month since JYJ was in Peru!
Since the news came out in January I was so excited, luckily I got the chance to get super VIP tickets, so being small wasn't a problem anymore~!
Though I was very close to them, cameras weren't allowed only cellphones and ipads.
Sorry for the really LOW LQ! OTL


Yes! 2012.3.11! that was so far the best day in this whole year!!!

Eventhough my bias since TVXQ5 has been Yoochun! He still IS!
I just couldn't stop looking at Jaejoong's face!! He's so pretty!~~ well Handsome too!
And Junsu too! he keep looking down and it was like he was analizing our faces~ so funny!
he's really cute!
Also Yoochun was most of the time at the right side of the stage so yeah I coulnd't see him very often,
but He's charming!, now I know why i like him the most!

Since that night, I can't help to be disappointed everytime I listen to their songs, because their voices sound A LOT BETTER!! LIVE!!!!!!
I died in "chajatta!" and revived just to listen "In Heaven" and die once more.

I'm an ELF but since 2005/2006 It was my dream to listen to their voices at least once.
and that dream has became true!
Thanks for everything JYJ!!!
Live everyday as if it were the last day


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Sep. 23rd, 2010

I really love Katekyo Hitman Reborn ^^
& I'm gonna miss this anime!!